I am now MDes student of Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design in UK.

I was excited with the project made by artist Jacqui Chan. The artist is adept at using Chinese elements in her work. Her work aroused my memory and I am quite like the form and color, adept to Chinese culture closely.
Moreover, I can’t stop loving the stories behind the work. Like she mentioned, ‘My interest in non-traditional materials and objects is for their layers of stories and associations. People are naturally drawn to things that relate to themselves in various ways.’ As mainstream attitude, free and open are chased by modern people. But, at the mean time, they still hope to keep traditions in a creative way.
His work gave me a good example for combining with contemporary and traditional together to make new object.

Link: http://www.fingers.co.nz/exhibitors/chan_ex09.htm

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