I am now MDes student of Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design in UK.

Time is flying....

Two months past. How fast it is!!
London trip + \\ Keep on walking\\ Sometime we have to keep on walking. Hold on when you feel exhaust!
Whole day class + \\ I really like courses here not only the fascinating content but also they are people-oriented. Basically, I got confidence though leaning diverse methods like communication skills,story telling,etc.
Money shortage + \\ Find TK MAXx which is a huge market sells branding cloths. I bought Tops of DKNY only 8 pounds each. I also bought some cheap knitted shirts made in Italian. Please renounce consumption!!!
Computer disorder + \\ Why does Mac book stuck always when I chat to my friends? Website problem? Should be re-installed!
Social dinner +\\ Big Nang + curry rice + Apple pie = DELICIOUS!
Cook +\\ I am now a cook with Mix and Match style. It is creative way to eat Haggies (traditional Scottish beef) with Beijing Duck style.

I found courses here were close connection as today we had a fantastic lecture about communication. Professor emphasized that: "To be a storyteller when you put into a presentation. It is significant to be a persuader as well!"
He also introduced many useful methods and inspired me a lot. I will adjust them and display here. Now, I only recommend you a nailing website named TED. Don't ask any questions about it, JUST SEE IT:)


iLike the courses-Storytelling!

Today we had a workshop which researched on traditional storytelling and new media was inspired by the idea that design in modern society could learn from the culture. It was interesting although I was a little bit nervous at the beginning.

After introducing the Scottish traditional storytelling, we tried to say something with Scottish style- strike a match and finish the story till it go out. That was dramatic.

After that, we were required to choose one individual topic according as culture background and shared together in group. After that we defined the context via one word. Finally, we had a big communication. Topics like "Emotion and family" were popular.

After lunch, we were engaged in another big task- to be a storyteller. Firstly, we spent 15 min to read a story and then painted 6 points on paper like cue card. Then, we changed the story each other with different methods. The tutor asked us to finish an abstract painting which included all the context of the story and then displayed them. (No words, no details, just some colorful symbols) Frankly, it was hard to choose the elements what you needed.

Finally, we shared stories like a professional storyteller. I was happy because I used role play with my fellow which was successful!

Summary: I learnt how to transfer massive words to be images which is useful to retell something. Story = organized ideas.