I am now MDes student of Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design in UK.

I am always fascinated by Pro Mike's speech. Friday morning, I attended his lecture which was about the relationship between design and craft. Although it was for undergraduated students I still have benefited a lot from it.

The point he emphasized 100 times was that 'Design is Reflective' which was about consumer culture. User-centred design is mainstream in our economic society. Further, he mentioned the edge of craft and design. As he said, craft was not just about making things. It was a sort of interactive way which could engage in people. Think about the relationship between traditional skills and our common life.

Here was an example about MA jewelry student named Vidar Hertov. His conceptual jewelry work ' The Manifesto' shocked me a lot. You could not image my feeling when I saw he smashing the hammer down onto the car door like a sort of jewelry craft skill. After that, he cut off the door and finished it as a piece of jewelry. The process was very striking and convulsing. It was about experience.

The similar example from a book which I read before. It was about famous Dutch jewelry artist Ted Norton's work. He says: Jewelry must use traditional codes in order to break them. Jewelry must forget the psychoanalysis of the studio. Jewelry must steal and seek to be stolen.

In personal, all of them are related to psychological experience. As a jeweler, I suppose to find a link between people's feeling of acupuncture therapy and handicraft this year. What about participational game? How to make abstract experience to be clear visualization? Pain implies effect. Hence, what about keep this feeling in my project?

Mirror Mirror hanging on the wall
from 1Min- Presentation

" Mirror Mirror lie to me, show me what I wanna see."

It is the lyrics of a famous song named ' Mirror Mirror hanging on the wall,' which belongs to a Girl Band M2M. But this morning, it recurred to my memory all the time when I gazed my image moving on screen at class. It was one-miniute presentation review.

To be honest, I felt a little bit uneasy and quizzical at the very start result from my silly figure and some flaws. However, I found it was a good opportunity to learn communication skills from other associates on such an occasion. Finally, Fiona was reputed to be the best orator in our midest as her comfortable rhythm and logic expression of speaking from beginning to end. We all learnt important lesson from her brilliant performance.

It makes me rethink and I remember a psychologist has said:" It is always inexact when people evaluate themselves, like reflection in the mirror." It is related to our self-awareness. (Self-awareness is a self-conscious state in which attention focuses on oneself. It makes people more sensitive to their own attitudes and dispositions.- Wikipedia) Why sometimes the result will be quite different? Why I am always begin to speak incoherently in presentation? I think it is because of my strong self-awareness. I concern with myself excessively and ignore original intention of talk. Should stand back and focus on my work - how to express clearly and make my audience feel enjoyable next time.