I am now MDes student of Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design in UK.

This Tuesday I had a meeting with Annabella in DCA about our group working. We had an enjoyable talk and got lots improvements. Because of the requirement of out research, we gathered lots information about community connections.
One case named Superlambanas “Go Superlambananas is a culmination on the many productive and creative relationships between a lot of different people and organisations.”(Liverpool 360,2009)

Turn back to my own project- create a beautiful and functional therapeutic personal object with the usage of contemporary jewellery design. Although it is about creating object and begin with some small little piece of jewellery. I still would like to explore people’s relationship with the society even the whole world. Basically, healthy problems are personal cases. But, I think it is not simply private issue could be treated with the medicines. When people surfer physical problems their mood will be changed. Their bad mood such as impatience and depression influence other people around. It will change people’s relationship as well. From individual to family and like snow ball it would be a holistic social problem finally. What can I do as a jeweler with the usage of positive method to improve people’s relationship? Is that possible to change people’s attitude to disease? That may be interesting points for digging deeper.
In addition, a lush color maybe useful for stimulating viewer’s sense and influence their emotion. What about making some multicolored pieces?

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