I am now MDes student of Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design in UK.

Today, we completed DIR Group presentation of the Designing Innovative Research Module. It was successful and I had learnt lots from the whole process. It was also an excellent experience of cooperating with Ethnography students. I still remembered Tom's final comments:' Could you people please turn back to last September and remember the question I asked that time? What was the difference between design and design Ethnography? Now, do you get the answer?'
I could say, among us the answers varied but the point we obtained was the same. We now know how to make use of design methods and research methodology to achieve the purpose. How to prepare for commercial pitch with professional way of thinking? How to focus on the goals and further the process punctually? How to play an adaptable role when in a group work? In addition, we have learnt important skills of doing a leisure presentation. Confidence is crucial.
I still remembered last group work 'Bee boy'. The result was not satisfying. But compared 'Bee-boy' group work last time, I could convince we had a big improvement. Last time, we ignored some details and pointed research of project. Simply said, it was a little bit skin-deep.
Finally, I think positive way of working is important. Do not critical always, and the mean time, try to add some new ideas instead of obeying the rules simply.

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