I am now MDes student of Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design in UK.

Nothing could be took away, only the memory. Eight months has past, so fast! What I have obtained in such a short time? Knowledge? Friendship? Love? Simple life? Peace of mind? Fun? Independent? Life Experience... Suddenly, I am stuck in the beginning.
Review these months, I know I got courage and confidence and I am sure this year has become my turning point.
I used to arrange everything before when I was in China. I should do something tomorrow and had to finish other things next week. I made effort to get lots certificates in order to get more opportunities. Life was full of busyness but I still felt vacuous. Although everything seemed to be organized change always followed. Lacking sense of safety pushed me to work more and should be better than others. However, where would be the end? What's the purpose?
When I came here. I found I changed lot and become positive. I still remember last September when I arrived here. Almost 40 hours on the road made me feel exhaust and everything was so unacquainted. I tried to communicate with people around but hard to express accurately. I expected for my new life but shocked by the uncertain circumstance. When I involved in class it seemed to be in a dream. I was mixed-up and under pressure absolutely. Life seemed to be out of control. But with the warm help from teachers and friends, I find I can solve problems calmly. The best thing is I made fantastic friends here.
As to the courses, they all methodical and systematic. I have learnt research methodology and design methods. Moreover, I learnt how to solve complicate problems. The way of thinking is significant. I should say courses are excellent. In shot, I love this year deeply. Only four months left, I will cherish the final time we get along with together.


Emily said...

Glad you're happier Gracie, you make me (and everyone else) happy too :)

Em xXx

Anonymous said...

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