I am now MDes student of Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design in UK.


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Hi Lauren,
Nice to see you this afternoon.
This morning we had a workshop about FUNDING. Basicaly, it was about how to get money to support your career as designer or artist after graduation. Sara Keith and Sarah Kettley gave us good presentations which were enjoyable and helpful.I try to sort out the notes from it and give you the copy. Hope they are useful for your research. Some links will be displayed and you will be able to find usable information via them.

Sara Keith - She is now working for Scottish Arts Council who is quite familiar with arranging exhibition, teaching thing and TV talk. She introduced structure of Scottish Arts Council like Business and Research Funding for Design, Local government (Business Gateway) and how to apply for fund. I think professionalism is significent when you take up your project. They believed you by your persuasive reasons and your argument should be very persuasive. Secondly, it is essentioal for you to convey project proposal clearly which means you could emphasize points directly.

Sarah Kettley — She is PHD student now and she has rich experiences about how to find reseach funding. She talked about Designing Innovative Research which including Artist and Academic two parts. Owing to her project this year about interactive jewelry, she payed more attention to craft area. Later, she focused on Business and offered lots good website links.

Personally, I was interested in team work she mentioned in workshop. It seems not easy to establish your group and select suitable people for working with. How to gather people who have different backdrops and get along with them smoothly? Perhaps good faith is crucial. I find you are quite good at involving in people and arranging thing. Could you give me some ideas? Thank you for reading.

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