I am now MDes student of Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design in UK.

Tuesday morning, we had a workshop which was provided by Brain Carlin and Mel Woods,separately. Mr Brain Carlin was from RESQROLL emergency extrication system. His topic was around design and trauma.

Mrs Mel Woods plays an important role in Ambaba company which creates new products for kids. Her case started at "An innovative, one-size-fits-all nappy" When she read a government report, arguing that reusable nappies were damaging to the environment because of their functionality and design, she decided to put her long-brewing business idea into action to design a one-size, eco-friendly nappy that people would enjoy using.

I quite like their interesting presentations. In person, Mel Woods's case attracted me more. I liked her motivation of nappy project. I also believed she was an environmentalists and her mindful thinking helped her find a unique selling point in redesign area. She knew deeply environmental protection was for new generation at all. It was a loving care project I felt Her great enthusiasm was to dilight babys and made them lovely.

Sharing ideas were important. " Ambaba identified a need for a one-size nappy that was economical, easy to wash and dry, and had a contemporary look that coordinated with designer and high-street children's wear. " as her presented. To be confidence although there would be a lots competitors. She learnt rich experiences from dominant firms and designers. Meanwhile she hold on forming her own style. I admired her brave in developing process, smart way of thinking as well.

Another point interested me was " Asking right question". It was about "Culture Probs". Gathering response from customers was not easy. Mother always busy with taking care of their babys. Time shortage would be a problem for them. How to persuade them to be your volunteer and engage in your workshop? Mel gave me positive suggestions later. She said:
"Asking right question." It meant effective question was key point, no more informations.
"Working Ethically with people" Trustworthy was basic not only for a brand but also for a long-term relationship with your customers. (Baby will grow up)
Finally, I think kind personality and loving-transmission are necessary for communication.


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