I am now MDes student of Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design in UK.

When you come into MDes studio these days. You will be surprised by a number of beautiful balloons with distinct visual language and patterns. They were all made by us yesterday morning in our Mindful module workshop. At class, we were required to finish 15 questions in order to brief our project like a management. It was playful and interesting.After that, we had a presentation and compared notes.

It was interactive way and helpful for arranging our thoughts. But personally, some questions were confusing. It is still inexplicit to me such as how to sell craft things like product? It is hard to identify now. I suddenly remember Mike's workshop about Critical Reading. Like critical reading, questing yourself and answer it in different methods. Rethinking key points seems to be an effective way for discovering new views.

I hope to clear my head and have considerable powers of independent criticism via these exercises.

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Qin said...

ha ha - the point is to keep confusing you guys - i am joking.

it is the thinking process, no matter how difficult it seemed at the time, that we try to stimulate among you guys :)I am glad that it make you think, and also I am very happy that you shared your experience of going out to talk to the doctors with your classmates - sharing is always good!!!!